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Hot Trends in Jewelry

Consumers are cutting back on spending nowadays, but jewelry retailers are looking toward the upcoming summer months, to get consumers back into jewelry stores. Additionally, with the trends of bright colors and bold pieces, consumers can't help but take notice of and want a piece of fashion item this year.
Fashion magazines are discussing trends in jewelry for the spring in their latest issues, and big pieces are definitely in style. InStyle magazine focused on nature- and tribal-themed pieces and bright colors, while Lucky included a whole spread of classic, yet modern, cocktail rings. In its March issue, Vogue gave brides-to-be some of the magazine's favorite engagement rings and wedding day jewelry. A lot of this season's trends are a natural progression from last season. Necks were bare and rings were big, but this season necklaces have made an extremely bold comeback..
For spring and summer 2008, shine is everywhere in terms of fashion accessories. From the purses we carry to the clothes we choose to the shoes we wear, the newest trend is all about shine from head to toe. Jewelry is one accessory that will never go out of style and can last a lifetime with the proper care. So while consumers may be cutting back on a lot of spending, jewelry retailers are hoping that the latest jewelry trends will get consumers into the stores and at least looking at the latest pieces. For upcoming holidays and special occasions, be sure to carry items that are on-trend.

Nature-inspired Jewelry Trend

Nature-inspired Jewelry has become one of the hottest trends in Hollywood today! Tons of celebrities are sporting nature jewelry with both elegant formal wear and casual everyday looks. Snake jewelry is one of the most popular styles of nature-inspired jewelry.

For centuries, people have crafted nature-inspired jewelry in appreciation of the world around them. In the Victorian period, romantic notions about the natural world caused a flourish of nature-inspired jewelry and art. Flower jewelry and images of animals were very popular styles; Victoria herself loved snake jewelry and believed the serpent motif represented fidelity and love. The more people learned about plants, animals, and the oceans, the more they were moved to create nature style jewelry and nature inspired jewelry.

“Enlightenment” Jewelry Trend

Sentimental Jewelry is a strong category not only for self-purchase but also for gift giving. 

Engraved jewelry featuring messages of love, poetry or initials will be the most popular.

Yoga Inspired Jewelry is becoming abundant, reflecting the growing number of people who are adopting this ritual discipline, which is said to bring physical and spiritual alignment. Yoga talismans are also popular among those who just want an overt and motivational reminder.

Green Jewelry and Green Gems are being used in many jewelry collections this season. Jewelers with a green conscience are making a point to incorporate earth friendly methods and materials into their jewelry designs.

Jewelry For A Cause is becoming plenteous. As JFC says, the jewelry industry is that with a heart! Designers today are donating proceeds from sales to endless philanthropic causes and people in need. Designers’ passion comes pouring out artistically through the creation, often reflecting the organization benefiting from the proceeds.

Big, Bold Jewelry Trend

Wearing less jewelry pieces is more when it comes to the top jewelry trends for 2008, but the key ingredient for trend-setting fashionistas is larger, bolder styles that are gem-intensive.
That advice comes from Jesse Chao of Gems by Chao, a leading Houston fine jeweler. Chao specializes in advising her gala-minded clientele-a mix of socialites and philanthropists-and matching fine jewelry to their personal style. In a statement, Chao said women who are already planning to attend galas will be wearing less fine jewelry but adorning themselves with larger, more impressive pieces, for a classic "Grace Kelly" look.  I've actually already seen this trend over the past year, less jewelry but each piece that is worn is big and bold - one big bracelet, no necklace but super long earrings.
While I personally don't feel comfortable in really large jewelry pieces, for that special occasion - red carpet affair for example, it does make sense because of the dramatic statement a few large jewelry pieces can make.

Ethnic inspired jewelry is supposed to be gaining momentum. Due to the increased cost of gold, we'll see more filigree type designs, which look great but cut down on the gram weight. Now, this sounds interesting!

Bold Pendants Trend
This is no time for a wimpy drop necklace. You need a substantial pendant that really makes a fashion statement, and two of the hottest colors will be yellow and its complementary color, purple.
Refreshing gemstones like Citrine, Yellow Topaz, Amber, and Chrysoberyl and simulated Canary Diamond jewelry, topaz glass beads and the Cubic Zirconia substitutes will keep you on top of seasonal jewelry trends! Like this lovely Citrine:
A great counter point color for yellow is purple, which will also be highlighted this spring. Like this gorgeous pendant.

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What is the Most Appropriate Way for Your Jewelry Care?

Leather, silver, wood and wax cord bracelets by Tateossian. Free P&P

How to keep your jewelry looking as its best and what is the most appropriate way for your cherished jewelry care? Just because you might begin to look a bit frazzled around the edges over the years but it doesn't mean your jewelry has to be... I wish this article could give you some useful guide or ideas...

Care for Clear Gem Jewelry: You may clean those clear gems on your jewelry such as diamonds, natural crystals, emeralds, amethyst, rubies, sapphires and all precious stones etc. in an ultrasonic cleaner if you wish. However, if there is any other type of stone in the setting than you should NOT use the ultrasonic cleaner. You can also clean gems with a mild liquid detergent and a soft brush. Dry with a non abrasive lint free cloth.
Care for Opaque Gem Jewelry: Do not put opaque gems such as cat’s eyes, jade, turquoise and opals in an ultrasonic cleaner. It will damage the gems. Opaque gems are porous and will absorb cleansers and soap, which will build up inside the stones and discolor them over time. Be sure to clean your gems that opaque by wiping with a soft damp cloth.
Care for Organic Gem Jewelry: Organic gems such as pearls, corals, amber, shells should be clean and wipe with a soft damp cloth. Do not use chemical detergents. You can use ivory flakes to clean these gems. Opals are also susceptible to extreme high or low temperatures. Too much heat will make them dry out. For example, if you go outside into a freezing weather with an opal jewelry the opal maybe crack. In both cases your opal will turn into a history, so be careful.

Never wear jewelry of any type when you are cleaning around the house. The chemicals in household detergents can damage the metal in your jewelry and will destroy many types of gemstones. Yes, you’d best to remove your rings before wash your hands, as soap can damage porous stones, and hand or body lotion are harmful too.
When dressing, remember to put on your makeup, perfume or hairspray first always and wear your jewelry for last. All of these substances can pile up on your jewelry which will make your jewelry need more frequent cleaning and also dull their appearances. And some of these substances also could damage some types of gems, especially pearls.
Care for Gold and Platinum Jewelry: Both gold metal and platinum metal can be cleaned in warm sudsy water, or take the jewelry to a jewelry store for a steam cleaning. Then wipe the jewelry with a chamois or a soft cloth. Gold is weakened and becomes brittle with exposure to chlorine, but platinum can stand up to most chemicals. Your best choice with jewelry is to look for a cleaner that is safe for both the metal and the gemstone-ask your jeweler.
Care for Silver Jewelry: Silver tends to tarnish due to the metals it is alloyed with copper (usually) . Someone maybe had instructed you to clean your sterling silver with toothpaste, it’s really wrong, as one kind of cleanser toothpaste it is abrasive and it will dull the finish over time with tiny scratches. You’d best use silver polish, and a no phosphate type detergent is also OK, or simply storing them in anti-tarnish bags or anti-tarnish jewelry boxes.

Care with Jewelry Storage: Do NOT store pearls in this type of bag or box, however, as you will damage the pearl. You can also buy a more expensive alloy of silver and platinum which will not tarnish. When you are going to swimming, be sure to take down your jewelry first, the chlorine in seawater will pit the metal, and harm some types of gemstones.
Last, be sure to store your jewelry pieces separately to avoid the pieces scratching one another. There are many jewelry boxes that are set up to keep jewelry separate, but you can also place some jewelry pieces in individual soft bags.

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Know Your Body Jewelry Better

We all know a lot about body piercings? Even you might be one of the prospect who might be aiming at getting a body piercing done on the coming weekend.Before you get a body piercing it is advisable that you know your Body Jewelry Piercing better.This would ensure that you are educated and know how to get the piercing done and which body jewelry piercing to be endorsed. Today you can choose from any of the listed body jewelry piercing.These range from belly button rings to tongue rings and from labrets to tongue studs.
However the jewelry which is most commonly wore by people these days are Captive Bead Rings. These rings are circular in shape and have a captive bead that fits into the opening of the ring. Captive bead rings are available in different sizes and colours.You can find a studded as well as a plain ring. These bejeweled rings are widely available on stores as well as online and are pocket friendly too.
You can wear a captive bead ring in your ear as well as an Eyebrow Ring. It looks great either ways. You can even choose eye brow rings from the other jewelry ranges.
After you have decided which body jewelry piercing to use the next big job is to figure out a credible piercing studio. You might need to research a bit and find out about the best piercing studios as you would have to visit them on and off even after getting the piercing complete. Your visits to the piercing studio would mainly be for changing your body jewelry in the later stages.
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Popular Body Jewelry

Because of the start of civilization, body jewelries and garnishing were for all time element of a person's large wardrobe. Jewelries and accessories are in very different type, sizes, styles and colors have developed throughout the years. These days, lots of people were capable of get diverse way of wearing jewelries plus garnishing, Body Jewelryis one of them. 
Body jewelry passes on to jewelries or garnishing that you be able to put on in a particular part of the body. These contain bracelets, earrings, anklets, necklaces, belly rings, barbells, belly waist chains, belly button rings, belts and buckles, navel rings; lip rings bent barbells, rings, tongue rings, nose rings, toe rings, and body jewelry rings. If you are into body jewelry or you are searching for body jewelries that you be able to utilize intended for your body piercings, online supplies are the finest alternative for you. Whether you are looking for jewelries to adorn your nose, belly, ears, tongue, fingers, or any other part of your body, body jewelries online be able to provide you numerous alternatives. Actually, there are several online supplies that proffer Body Jewelry these days. Whether these are designed for body piercing or non-piercing, you get the probability to decide from a broad assortment of body jewelry online. anything it is that you favor whether these are jewelries that contain stones, include expensive metal like gold, silver, titanium, platinum finished from exclusive resources such organic or wood, gothic, or glass you be able to get it in numerous stores that provide body jewelry online.
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Make your silver jewelry last a lifetime

There are a few things that demand special care so that they can last a lifetime. If it's gift from some one special then your ugre to retain it for a lifetime, increases by many folds. Here I am giving you certain tips to maintain your silver jewelry so that its luster remains the same through years. Silver jewelry has a tendency to develop a patina layer over a course of time.
Following are a few things which if properly taken care of can increase the age of your silver jewelry and you can even pass it on to your next generation.
• The easiest step is to keep clean your silver jewelry each time after wearing it and earning loads of compliments.
• Always make sure that your silver jewelry pieces are safely in a dust free and dry place. They are best stored in an air tight box.
• Silver jewelry experiences maximum damage when it comes in contact with water. It is advised to remove your silver jewelry pieces while working in water.
• It is a safe option to envelope your silver jewelry in soft linen before placing it in any box.
• Paper should not be used in place of linen because the wood is known to contain an acid that can tarnish the radiance of your silver jewelry.
• If you have a dust in your silver jewelry, the best option is to immerse overnight in the soft drink, preferably 7up. As soon as you take it out you can see it is dazzling as though new.
• Care should be taken while wearing your exquisite silver jewelry. Avoid the use of perfumes and deodorants. Wear you perfume before adorning the silver jewelry.
• Use a soft cotton cloth and no toxic solution for the purpose of cleaning.
• The best way to clean your silver jewelry is to take a mildly concentrated soap solution for cleaning.
• To remove tarnish or other heavier dust particles on your silver jewelry, you will need to use special silver cleaner. Silver cleaners can available in the form of a paste or liquid, also known as silver dip.
With all the above mentioned tips you can follow the ones that suit your requirement. I hope you would implement some of them which will help keep your silver jewelry safe and increase its life. With all the heavy bucks and even greater amount of love invested in the pieces of you silver jewelry, it is important to maintain them properly.
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Find yourself a new look with tragus jewelry

Are you fond of body jewelry but are scared of getting yourself pierced. If yes, then there is no need for you to get scared of the body piercing because with the help of latest techniques, it is possible to get yourself pierced with minimum pain. The use of latest equipments in piercing have reduced the pain to the minimum and it is possible for you to flaunt your new look with piercing. So, don't be scared and get yourself pierced at your favorite place. 
You can also experiment with your look with the help of Tragus Jewelry and cartilage jewelry. The tragus jewelry and the Cartilage Jewelry are worn on the tragus piercing and cartilage piercing respectively with minimum pain. The tragus jewelry is available in a variety of designs, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from and it really enhances the look of the ear. You can use circular barbells, curved barbells, captive bead rings, studs, etc. as cartilage jewelry to make yourself look different from others.
The tragus jewelry, cartilage jewelry and Tragus Earrings are all a form of body jewelry which are worn on different body parts to highlight you even more. Whenever you meet with someone, you look at his or her face firstly and the tragus earrings and cartilage jewelry helps in enhancing the look of the face so that you create right impression in the minds of people. You can choose from a wide range of body jewelry which suits your choice and budget well as there are body jewelry available in every price ranges.
So, don't wait and change your look completely with the beautiful body jewelry.
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History of Italian Jewelry

The history of Italian jewelry is rich, diverse and passionate. Modern Italian jewelry designer draws from traditions in fine craftsmanship that dates back centuries. Almost every culture indulges in some form of body adornment, much of this is done in relation to a ceremonial purpose; religious affiliation, social status or family. This was no less true in Italy; however, there are some unique differences in the approach of the Italian designer to jewelry that is linked to the great role of Rome in world history. The campaigns that extended the power of the Roman empire to far corners of the world, resulted in different influences coming to bear on the Italian artistic design of jewelry.
In many of the works by classical Italian jewelry designers, you see traces of Egyptian, Greek and Asian culture. How the combination of these cultures impacted the development of designs, is easy to see from the discoveries of jewelry made during the ancient Etruscan period in southern Italy. From the 9th to 4th centuries B.C., these early Italian jewelry designers, whose gold jewelry designs have never been equaled in beauty, perfected the techniques that are still in use in making Italian jewelry today. A prime example of the value jewelers place on their craft is seen in the life of one of the best known 19th century Italian jewelry designers, Pio Fortuna Castellani, who studied and revived the Etruscan "granulation" technique for crafting gold jewelry. Castellani, among others throughout the history of Italian jewelry design, have infused passion into this craft of beauty, that in many regions of the country is almost an obsession. This is the main factor which has set their production apart from the rest of the world.
Gold has always been the most highly used metal in Italian jewelry; respecting the fact that the human body, mind and spirit has a strong, innate connection to gold, more than any other metal. Prized for its affinity to the color to the sun, our powerful lifegiver on earth, the attraction of gold is magnetic and was revered in ancient times. The demand for gold Italian jewelry of today has not lessened, but the wonderful Italian sterling silver jewelry cannot be ignored either. Now there are Italian jewelry designers that have chosen to work exclusively in the highest quality sterling silver, creating beautiful ornaments for every part of the body. The demand for Italian jewelry is the result of high production standards along with the originality, quality and diversity. The history of craftsmanship of Italian designer jewelry has always been highly valued, whether it was for gold, sterling silver or gemstone pieces.
Italian jewelry today continues to make fashion history with designs in bold and delicate gold, oversized and trendy sterling silver with diamonds or semi-precious gemstones. When you are ready to adorn your body with something beautiful, take advantage of the rich history of Italian jewelry to satisfy your every desire.
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